19 Construction Management Job Websites

The economy has caused the construction industry to come to a dramatic halt. Building isn’t what it used to be, but slowly businesses are putting up new properties across the country. These construction management sites will help contractors and those in upper level construction positions take on new jobs in their area. Remember not all regions are experiencing job growth quite yet, so it’s important to keep that resume polished and interview and networking skills on at all times.

Construction Management Job Sites

  1. Simply Hired – Construction Management Simply Hired is a great site because it allows you to conduct a detailed search of the position you’re after. It brings up positions in your area and surrounding cities or towns. Since those in construction management often travel for work, this is a fantastic site to browse jobs.
  2. Indeed – Construction Management Jobs Indeed works as a spider, pulling jobs in your area of expertise from all over the web. Instead of visiting tons of job sites to run across the same open positions, Indeed essentially does the leg work for you.
  3. Construction Knowledge – Jobsite Management If you’ve been out of work for a couple of months (or years), you want to make sure you know everything you need to before hitting that construction site again. This site gives you a refresher on how to plan, keep up with a client’s expectations and how to implement the critical plan method to ensure quality work that’s completed on time.
  4. Construction Crossing No matter what area of construction you work in, you’re sure to find job listings at this site. You can peruse jobs by location or position, which means if you’ve been out of work for some time, it could be time to move to a new place.
  5. Construction Jobs We love this site because in addition to browsing construction management jobs, you can also post your resume. This is helpful for firms large and small that are looking for a construction manager with a certain area of expertise. This site has been around for 10 years, so you know the employers who contact you regarding work are legit.
  6. Construction Executive If you’re out of work from the construction business, this site is a must-read for its sage resume advice. If you’ve been in the biz for a number of years, you probably have plenty of experience, but that doesn’t mean potential employers want to dig through it all. Learn how to polish that resume and make yourself noticed when applying for jobs online.
  7. Project Manager Blog This site is full of information for project managers of every type and much of the information applies to those working construction management. It talks about resumes, how to condense your work experience and how to show off the work you’ve done most similar to the job in question in order to land the position.
  8. Thingamajob This website lists jobs not only in construction management, but in related fields as well. Jobs are posted for locations in the US and Canada, and are updated daily.
  9. Consruction Global Though not a website to browse jobs, Construction Global is a great magazine to help stay up to date with all things relevant to construction, worldwide. Take the knowledge gained from here, and apply it to your interview or networking skills.

Construction Management Blogs, Messageboards and Forums

  1. Construction Management Forums This is an excellent site for those looking to learn about technology’s role in modern construction management. It also talks about 1099s and other tax issues some self-employed construction managers may do.
  2. Contractor Talk This site is a mix of blog posts and a messageboard. You’ll find nearly all of the information you need to know on keeping your projects going in a timely fashion and how to prevent from falling behind on a big job. Fellow contractors also share their projects and progress.
  3. Construction Resource This is a fantastic blog for contractors and project managers to learn about the latest tools and technology in construction. The forums are fairly busy and the articles help with subjects like creating a budget for a project and how to handle estimates with a client.
  4. Construction Management Resource This site is packed with audio conferences for construction managers looking to learn about the latest innovations in building. Right now the site is focused on green building, an area that is rapidly growing as commercial businesses look to cut down costs and energy consumption.
  5. National Contractors This site talks about projects big and small. There’s nothing that this site won’t cover when it comes to contractors and construction management. There’s a forum for sounding off at bad contracting jobs, so you know what to avoid when working for a residential or commercial client.
  6. Contractor Forum This contractor site is aimed at managers in the UK, but it’s worth reading no matter where you are in the world because it talks about technology’s role in construction. There are forums for project managers, legal things to watch out for and how to go about becoming insured for a project.
  7. MBA Contractors Forum If you’re just starting out in this field or just have a couple of big jobs under your belt, this site is a great resource for learning about on-site safety, how to manage young construction workers and how to gauge wages in your area.
  8. Screwfix – Builder’s Talk Construction workers talks about basic projects and how to be disciplined enough to go out and work for yourself at this messageboard. It’s a mix of professionals and DIY home addicts.
  9. My Contractor List This site has a forum just for professionals. Construction managers share their projects, what new ideas are floating around for building and how to manage networking, licensing and insurance when you’re self-employed.

A career in construction management can be lucrative when the market is ripe. For every big job, you may have a handful of less challenging projects, but that changes with the economy’s ups and downs. There’s a lot to study in terms of management skills and you can learn a lot from project management blogs, as well as construction management-specific websites.