30 Incredible iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators

You don’t have to be a construction manager or even hold a degree in construction management to come across a contracting, renovation, or DIY project. However, it can be overwhelming as many projects require a particular set of skills or at least a basic knowledge of home repair. As a result, it is no surprise that there are now a host of apps available for those seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

To help you get a better grasp, we have gathered 30 incredible iPhone and iPad apps for contractors and home renovators. They can do everything from replace some of your worn out tools to functioning as a virtual assistant during many aspects of the project and are listed mostly by price.

Incredible Design iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators

Use these apps to plan a project before you begin it.

  1. ColorSnap
    Ever see a color you just have to use in your next project but can’t take the whole wall, comforter, swatch, etc. with you? Then use this app from Sherwyn Williams to use your iPhone as a portable color swatch. The photo is instantly linked to a paint of the same color. The app is free and allows for adjustments, saving, browsing, and more.
  2. Decomash
    If you love the building part of contracting and home renovating more than design, check out this app. For no charge, it allows you to take photos of your space and the app will automatically find artwork to match it. You can also utilize the albums they offer on the app.
  3. iBlueprint
    If working with blueprints, save yourself some green with this free app. It allows users to create and export a custom floor plan of any structure. Features include zoom, multiple prints, export, and the option to create their own blueprints.
  4. GE Mood Cam
    Can a light bulb be the most important item in the room? If you choose incorrectly, it can. Use this free app to take a picture of a room, view it in several different lightings, and choose which is the best.
  5. gUnit
    Also the name of a rap group, this is actually an iPhone app for those who need to do unit conversions quickly and without any memorizing of what equals what. For $2.99, users get an easy to use interface that can convert just about any unit into any other with the tap of a few keys.
  6. Mark on Call
    Can’t afford a real designer? Then spend $2.99 on this app and the next best thing. Mark Lewison shares his knowledge of design such as sofas that don’t fit and patterns that work in the app. It allows users to plan, preview, and carry out their design visions while staying organized and within budget.
  7. Remodelista
    Get a virtual design magazine on your iPad with this app. It allows you to see the latest and greatest in design on a regular basis and even links to actual items you can use in your own project. It sells for $2.99, and was recently highlighted by the blogger at Vancouver 4 Life.
  8. Finger CAD
    With this app, you can draw houses, bridges, apartments, mechanical components, and other items a home renovator or contractor may need to draw. Users can select, copy, move, and share designs with ease. It sells for $5.99 and this blog even shows images that were drawn using it.
  9. cad Touch
    Use this app to do serious design. It can help you draw floor plans, land surfaces, diagrams, and more. Currently selling for $14.99, it features support for various measurement units, multiple drawings, snap, and others.
  10. LEED AP Building Design and Construction
    If looking to design buildings that are certified green, check out this app. It specifically helps those studying for the LEED Building Design and Construction exam. It sells for $62.99 and offers hundreds of flash cards and practice questions.

Incredible Construction iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators

Stop designing and start doing with these iPhone and iPad apps.

  1. Carpenter’s Helper
    Use your iPad or iPhone instead of the clipboard one usually sees contractors with in this app. It runs many of the common calculation tasks a carpenter comes across such as unit calculations, measurements, circles, and conversions. There are three different apps to choose from.
  2. Stanley Level
    Got one of these levels in your bag? With this app and no money, you can also have one on your iPhone and iPad. There are four different levels available, and they were even positively reviewed by Gizmodo.
  3. Home Depot App
    Because the Home Depot is a common stop for home projects, check out their very own app. Research over 100,000 products on your device without ever having to visit their store. The free app also has an interactive toolbox, measurement converter, and nut and bolt finder.
  4. KAD Software
    Because contracting and renovating is all about estimates, check out this series of apps. They can help you decide everything from how much lumber or cans of paint you will need for a job. Selling for $0.99 each, they are available in a variety of areas such as tile and wallpaper.
  5. Dimensions
    Get 13 tools in one on this app. A constant best-seller, it offers a tape measure, caliper, podometer, and many others. For only $0.99, it probably costs less than any single tool it can replace.
  6. iHandy Carpenter
    Make your tool bag a little lighter with the help of this app. It also contains many common tools in one, such as plumb bob, surface level, protractor, ruler, and inclinometer/clinometer. Only $1.99 will get you the full version.
  7. Real Tools
    For the same price as the above, you can get 18 tool applications on this app. A few include scale, thermometer, magnometer, level, and more.
  8. Handyman DIY
    Get another calculator for home projects here. For $1.99, the app allows you to enter data on your project to immediately get estimates. It includes over 500 frequently used items to choose from.
  9. Handyman Sidekick
    Similar to previous apps, this one can tell you how much of an item to buy for a particular project. Unlike others, this app was rated third in utility apps by Top Ten Reviews. Learn more with a read or spend the $1.99 to see for yourself.
  10. iQuick Tools
    Whether you need an estimating or contract making app, they have them. The estimator can help bid for six different types of trade construction including drywall, painting, concrete, and others. The contract maker does just what it promises in creating a legal contract in a few easy steps.

Other Incredible iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators

These apps can also come in handy for the contractor and home renovator.

  1. Task This
    Although there are many tasking and scheduling apps out there, this one can be easily used by contractors and home renovators. It has a calendar, project lists, shopping lists, events, reminders, and more. Over 83,000 have already downloaded this free app.
  2. Smart Bid Net
    Need bids for a project fast? Then check out this iPhone app which makes use of your contacts and invites them to bid on a project. The app requires a subscription to the main site and $0.99.
  3. Concretulator
    Use this app to determine how much concrete you need for a job. It calculates your project down to the cubic yard and the number of 40#, 60#, and 80# bags you will need. The app sells for $0.99.
  4. Drywall Calculator
    Similar to the above, this is another calculator to guess how much of a product you will need for your next job. However, this one focuses on drywall and related items such as carpet, paint, and floor tiles. It costs $0.99 and works in feet and inches.
  5. Carpet Estimator
    Get just what the title promises. For $1.99, the app helps you estimate how much it will cost to lay down carpet. The same site also offers a wood flooring estimator and construction job board.
  6. I.D. Wood
    How can you combine woodworking with an iPhone? With $2.99 and this app. A top review by Toolmonger, it helps you identify over 50 types of wood as well as their properties and uses.
  7. Gardening Toolkit
    Don’t just stop at the interior, use this app to make any landscape a triumph. It can help you grow items by hardiness zone, keep track of what’s in your garden, and creates a to-do list. For $2.99, it works in many different countries.
  8. goBIM
    This app was designed by Ian Keough, a Senior Technical Designer with Buro Happold Consulting Engineers. For $5.99, it navigates 3D BIM models and their associated data and works on the go. The blogger at Design Reform has more on what it can do and how to use it.
  9. [steel shapes]
    If you work in steel and have an iPhone or iPad, this is the app for you. It contains both the current and historic AISC Structural Steel Database in a fast, easy to navigate interface. The standard sells for $4.99, and the makers have other similar apps to choose from.
  10. Roofing Calculator
    This can be one of the most costly expenses in home renovation and construction. Use the $19.99 app to calculate the cost of a roof in many different materials. The price comes with free lifetime updates and is available for free in the demo version.

Whether just looking to do a project yourself or are taking on a tremendous endeavor, there is loads of help on the above 30 incredible iPhone and iPad apps for contractors and home renovators. Be sure and call a licensed contractor for any job that is over your head or that can be dangerous.