Certificate Programs in Construction Management

The study of construction management aims to effectively train individuals for career advancement in the general contracting, highway development, and building construction fields, as well as provide greater opportunities in the mechanical and electrical contracting fields. A construction management certificate program teaches students proper management techniques including organizational management, human resources, budgeting and finance, risk assessment, and project management, as they relate to the construction industry.

What topics are addressed in a certificate program for construction management?

Coursework in a typical construction management certificate program will properly prepare successful candidates to comprehend how an individual firm succeeds or fails in relation to the entire construction industry. This type of program will also cover legal aspects in construction, facility maintenance practices and necessities, and will prepare managers for properly implementing project and safety controls. Prerequisites often include an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, engineering, or similar, and basic proficiency in science and math. Similar to an associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, applicable federal student financial aid is also available with most certificate programs.

Courses to expect as part of a certification program in construction management include:

  • Construction Project Scheduling and Control
  • Fundamentals of Construction Law
  • Management in the Construction Industry
  • Managing Safety and Health in Construction Projects
  • Estimating Construction Costs

How can I use a certificate in construction management?

Students who successfully complete a construction management certificate program may also have the opportunity to transfer the courses and apply them to a full advanced degree, such as a master’s of science in civil engineering or a master’s of science in engineering management. Graduates can also seek employment in a variety of fields, working as a:

  • Construction Project Designer
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • General Construction Manager
  • Construction Superintendent