Certificate Programs in Project Management

The advanced study of project management goes beyond the initial steps of handling budgets, personnel and completing projects on time and within specifications. At the advanced level, an effective top-level project manager is expected to accomplish each of those expectations for multiple projects at the same time, often overseeing multiple project managers in the process.

Why should I earn a certificate in project management?

The typical project management certificate program is intended for individuals looking to grow their own project management skills, perhaps for more immediate job growth, as well as those looking to advance within their existing degrees in related fields of study. Similarly to most full-scale associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree program, federal student financial aid is generally available, as are private loans. Many certificate programs are of the graduate level and will require completion of a bachelor’s degree in project management, engineering, or another undergraduate degree within that field. In some cases, students may also be apply to the certificate toward thier credit hours for a graduate degree.

Students in a project management certificate program will study such topics as:

  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Construction
  • Project Implementation and Control
  • Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
  • General Project Management

How do I benefit from a certificate in project management?

Certificate programs are often designed for working professionals who already have experience in their field. A certificate provides a boost in performance by teaching skills that are needed in the work environment. Those with a certificate in project management can search for more advanced roles in the construction industry. The following opportunities, and more, may be available to those with experience, higher education, and a project management certificate:

  • Project Manager
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Construction Area Manager
  • General Contractor
  • Project Analyst