Top 50 Forums and Blogs About Green Construction

With the environment and climate change taking center stage in many headlines, the construction industry has been impacted like never before. With every building from residential homes to towering skyscrapers at stake, building greener not only makes sense, it can make money.

Because green materials are made of renewable and sustainable products, they can cost far less. Other practices see green building as using materials that last the longest and have to be replaced less frequently. No matter what your feelings on the greening of everything, practices that use less energy, less money, and pollute less are a good idea. To help in this quest for knowledge, we have gathered below the top forums and blogs about green construction.

Top Blogs About Green Architecture

  1. Inhabitat
    With a tagline of “design will save the world,” Inhabitat strives to do just that. They have the latest updates on green building, along with many must see images. You can also find items on green interiors, products, tech, and more.
  2. Green Home Design Architect
    Because it all starts in the home, there is this blog. Jeremy Bonin is a partner and lead architect at Bonin Architects & Associates, which is licensed in many states in the Northeast. Everything from home design to renewable energy is shared on the blog.
  3. Live Green Blog
    Far more than a blog on recycling, the blog showcases the best in sustainable production and completed products. Sections include design, sustainable architecture, materials, and more. You can also go beyond the blog to get other informative resources.
  4. Tiny House Design
    Proving that good things do come in small packages is this blog. It is based on the premise that smaller is greener, and thusly, better for the environment. One of the latest entries was on a $300 Earthbag house.
  5. Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture
    Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life and runs a website on green home building. Recent posts are on Adobe homes and an affordable eco-homes report. His main site also has more on green design.
  6. LPA Blog
    For more than 45 years, they have been advocating the message that sustainable design can be achieved on any project, budget, building type, and location. They show just how on their blog. Popular posts are on REVIT and the LPA Eichler homes of Southern California.
  7. Earth Architecture
    Did you know that one half of the world’s population lives or works in buildings constructed of Earth? Keeping that premise in mind, this blog shows how to use and design buildings using the Earth itself as a building source. Blog posts usually document such buildings, which recently included a library in Capetown.
  8. Jetson Green
    They offer many guides on green building such as green jobs, finding a solar pro, and how to’s. Popular projects include low impact island dwelling and straw bales used as pop-up structures. You can also use the blog to learn more about green home design.
  9. Design Ecology
    Josiah Raison Cain is a self-styled landscape architect who has been pushing the boundaries of sustainable ecological design for his entire 17 year career. He is a partner at Design Ecology and teaches at several colleges. Check out his blog for his latest thoughts, and be sure not to miss the main site with more.
  10. Locus Architecture Blog
    Their tagline is “building the art of sustainability.” They have links for everything from products to green designers. You can also check out their thoughts on green architecture via blog entries.

Top Blogs About Green Construction by an Individual

  1. Green Goddess
    Who says green construction is a man’s game? In this blog, Tanya Stock, Principal of Vida Verde, helps others focus on finding the right shade of green. One of the most recent was on an airtight building in New York.
  2. The Green Building Inspector
    A sort of referee for homes, everyone fears the building inspector to some degree or other. Get entries on everything from crawl spaces to tax incentives with a visit on this inspector’s blog. There are also loads of videos on related topics.
  3. DJC Green Building
    The Daily Journal of Commerce focuses on green building issues in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and other locations. Katie Zemtseff is an environmental reporter who covers many issues in green construction. Just a few include architecture, engineering, research, and urban planning.
  4. Rob Watson
    He is the executive editor of and the chairman, CEO, and chief scientist of the EcoTech International Group. Get the expert views on many green construction items with a read of his blog. The latest include confidence and smart green choices.
  5. Green Building Law Update
    With a lawyer for just about everything, green construction is no exception. Headed up by attorney Christopher W. Cheatham, his goal is to inform the construction and design industries about green building risks and legal developments. Law updates are often the topic of posts.
  6. Green Building Update
    Allen Matkins’ blog is designed for those who are trying to stay abreast of green building issues but do not have the time to sort through the numerous articles published each week on the topic. With a weekly online publication, you get the most recent and best of green construction articles. You can also check out past entries with a click.
  7. The Sustainable Line
    This is the blog of a sustainable living/adaptive building consultant. Living off the grid since 1995, they are the chair of the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society and a regular contributor to eVolo Magazine and Inhabitat. One of the latest posts was on a renewable energy conference.
  8. Green Building Blog
    Scott Gibson blogs for Green Building Advisor. They are a source for building, designing, and remodeling green homes. They also offer other blogs such as Design Matters and Energy Solutions.
  9. Green Construction UK’s Blog
    Check out how green construction is done overseas here. Random items of interest are often featured. The latest include plastic bottle homes and a bamboo bike trailer.
  10. Real Life LEED
    What do you need to get an LEED certification? This blogger knows and shares via writings. However, newer blog entries have been sparse.

Top Blogs About Green Construction by a Group

  1. Green Source
    The magazine of sustainable design is featured here. You can get many news items, projects, and more with a simple visit. Be sure not to miss the Green Source Blog with more.
  2. gbNYC
    Why go green on one home when a whole city is there? That is the purpose of this group and blog chronicling efforts to make New York more green. Authored by a real estate brokerage and consulting firm of the same name, they specialize in properties that are green. You can get the latest news, or search by your favorite borough.
  3. Seattle Scape
    With a similar purpose in mind, this blog focuses on the greening of Seattle. Several bloggers combine to discuss design and urban development in the Emerald City. Recent posts are on a design competition and addressing sustainability through building codes.
  4. Green Building Insider
    They deliver industry news on the rapidly expanding green building marketplace, including information on energy efficiency, certifications, technologies, and international happenings. The GBI also specializes in strategies to manage risk now and build for the future. Get the latest news with a read of the blog.
  5. Greener Buildings
    The latest news in green construction is featured here. Browse through design, energy, operations, or sustainability. You can also check out Marc Gunther’s blog on green business.
  6. Green Home Guide
    Got a specific question on green construction? Then why not send it in to the pros on this site? You can browse through their many answers or just get some professional know how.
  7. Green Bean Chicago
    Get information on built, in-progress, and planned green building projects in the Chicago area with a stop here. Everything from residential to government projects is discussed. You can even send in your own local project for their review.
  8. LEED Daily
    Get just what the blog title promises here: a daily update on thoughts and news from those who are LEED certified. They strive to cover the latest stories from around the globe to give green building professionals a one stop place to find information.
  9. Green LaBron
    Get the inside story on an actual green home build on this blog. The couple shares their true life experiences through the blog. Although blog entries are sparse, the older ones are still worth a look.

Top Other Blogs About Green Construction

  1. Green Building Blog
    This blog is on how to create more opportunities to create low cost eco-homes. The blog usually features a different eco-home. Most read entries here are on Casa Tierra in San Francisco and Monte de Oro in Argentina.
  2. Build Blog
    Kevin Ecker is the founder of Build LLC and emphasizes the implementation of cost effective building solutions. He is also LEED certified and discusses many inside practices. Popular posts are on a construction cost cheat sheet and the process of architecture.
  3. Remodelista
    Can’t afford to build a green home? Then why not check out this blog to get tips on how to remodel with a green frame of mind. You can check out the latest blog post or search by room.
  4. USGBC Blog
    Get information on green construction from the officials at the United States Green Building Council here. Many top officials regularly stop by to blog on news. You can also learn much more on the main site.
  5. Green Building Elements
    Learn about which materials meet green construction standards here. A group of bloggers discuss everything from architecture to urbanism. Popular posts are on a $5,000 shelter and “Natural Building 101.”
  6. Green Depot
    They specialize in selling and featuring green products for the home. Choose from every category from air quality to water conservation here. One of the latest entries was on the benefits of bamboo floors.
  7. Green Real Estate Law Journal
    You don’t have to be in real estate to appreciate this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Published by Stephen Del Percio at Arent Fox, LLP, you can get updates on litigation, contracts, and more. Popular choices include LEED Gold 7 WTC and a motion to dismiss regarding the USGBC.
  8. Green Building Law
    Stop here for another blog that combines legal practices with green construction. It is authored by Shari Shapiro, a LEED Accredited Professional who focuses her practice on renewable energy, green building law, and related topics. A recent entry was on how energy efficiency is like dry cleaning.

Top Forums About Green Construction

  1. Green Building Talk
    This is one of the largest, most active forums on green building. Forums are organized by technologies, residential, commercial, and many other topics. The site can also be used to get free quotes on green construction and information on various products.
  2. McGraw-Hill Construction Community
    Their discussion forums are open to all members and visitors. They include such topics as green building projects, virtual design, practice matters, and even a forum for younger architects. Current discussions are on the architect title and a criticism of LEED.
  3. Green Building Forum
    Join this forum to benefit from discussions with thousands of other green building fans and even learn about discounts on green building. Although a UK based site, anyone can read and appreciate the discussions here. Categories include essential for newbies, standards and regulations, a Green Building Bible, and much more.
  4. ARE Forum
    Check out loads of LEED topics with a visit here. Several a day are on getting an LEED certifications, local updates, and much more. Be sure not to miss the main forums with other related topics.
  5. LEED User
    Whether you are interested in learning more about the certification or already have one, this forum is loaded with LEED topics. Subjects include credits, tip sheets, and general discussions. Hot topics include eight steps to success and the cost of LEED certification.
  6. US Message Board
    More of a political board, there is a special section titled Truly Green, Energy Efficient Construction. The policy side of green construction is passionately discussed, which occasionally leads to adult language.
  7. Green Building Inspections
    This forum is part of InterNACHI, who specializes in building inspections. Check out what it takes to pass a green construction inspection from them with a read of their forum. They also have more information on their standards, education, and much more.
  8. 4 Specs
    This forum takes on many construction aspects and topics. Visit the Sustainable Design Topics section to get some green specific forums and questions. They also offer California specifics, construction technology, and many other topics.
  9. USGBC
    Finally, joining the U.S. Green Building Council has many benefits. One is being able to join in and view their community lounge. Visit to learn more on membership requirements.

Whether you’re interested in planning a home remodel, studying for a construction degree, or even a seasoned professional, there is loads to be learned in the above forums and blogs about green construction. They can help you study building codes, earn a certification, or even stay on top of legal and policy matters surrounding green construction.

This post was updated December 22, 2014 to remove forums that no longer exist. Links to inactive blogs remain as a resource for the future.