Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management

The study of project management aims at helping current and potential business leaders perfect their abilities in planning, executing, and overseeing an efficient, well-maintained business project from start to finish. Effective project managers (PMs) are called on to ensure that procedures are met and work flows steadily. PMs also serve as motivators and team leaders with the know-how to get the best out of people in high-pressure work environments.

How do I earn a bachelor’s degree in project management?

While not all directly pertain to the study of project management, there are a wide array of options for students looking to obtain a project management bachelor’s degree. Students may work toward obtaining a bachelor’s of business administration or a bachelor’s of science in business administration, both of which allow for a concentration in project management. They may also pursue the traditional route by acquiring a bachelor’s of arts or bachelor’s of science degree in project management. No matter the type of degree, however, the core principles offered will be similar. The coursework will focus on time and budget management, efficient use of technology and resources, and effective problem-solving techniques.

Other courses may include:

  • Change Management
  • Contracts and Procurement
  • Ethics and Enterprise
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Motivating Project Teams

What careers can I pursue with a bachelor’s degree in project management?

A degree in project management from an accredited school like DeVry University prepares graduates to work in a variety of work environments. Construction requires exceptional project management and organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and many other talents honed in a project management program. Once a student has earned their degree, they may qualify to work as a:

  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Estimator
  • Construction Area Manager
  • General Contractor
  • Job Superintendent

Project Management Bachelor Degree Programs